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Financial Wellness Matters

It’s satisfying to know your shelter, food and clothing expenses are met, and that’s just the beginning of the benefits financial wellness can bring. You’ll reduce stress and enjoy peace of mind when you know that your money is being spent efficiently, that you’re saving well for the future, and that you’ll be able to handle an emergency. Take advantage of these financial benefit programs to make sure your finances are healthy.

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WELL Wallet Classes

You have free access to a variety of money-management classes covering a range of topics. Check the calendar for upcoming classes, including:

  • Know Your Money
  • Financial Self-Care for Women
  • Your Social Security Benefits
  • The Fundamentals of Wills, Trusts and Power of Attorney
  • Student Loans — How to Pay Off Your Debt
  • Creating Black Wealth — The Pursuit of Being Financially Free
  • Steps to Buying and Selling a Home
  • Teaching Your Children Good Money Habits

Prudential Financial Wellness Center

This digital hub is packed with tools to help you manage day-to-day finances, achieve financial goals, and protect against financial risks. You can explore how well you’re spending, planning and protecting your money and assets, plus get tips to do better.

It includes a range of resources, such as:

  • The Financial Wellness Assessment Tool
  • Money Budgeting Tool
  • Debt Manager Tool
  • Life Insurance Calculator