Harris County Employee 5K

2023 Harris County Employee 5K

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

It's that time again! In April 2023, Harris County is hosting the 9th annual Employee 5K. Compete virtually all month, or in-person on April 1st.


  1.  Daniel Meza (1279) 2. Jeremy Strain (1972) 3. Caleb Silveria (1676)
  1. Esther Urdiales (1536) 2. Avery Lewis (1602) 3. Kristina Clark (1802)
5K M26 - 39
  1. Antionio Barron (1144) 2. Daniel Martinez (1067) 3. Donald Wallin (1970)
5K M40 - 59
  1. Jose Cortes (1022) 2. Luis Alegria (1136) 3. Ray Camejo (1431)
5K M1 - 25
  1. Jonathan Mata (1968) 2. Adrian Simmons (1258) 3. Walter Wells (1838)
5K F40 - 59
  1. Maria Luisa Sosa (1298) 2. Christina Bailey (1321) 3. Dolores Lagunas (1232)
5K F1 - 25
  1. Esmeralda Mata (1967) 2. Lauren Erickson (1508) 3. Gabrielle Joubert (1277)
5K F60 - 99
  1. Cynthia Clausell (1068) 2. Esther Lopez (1042) 3. Nayda Arnold (1821)
5K F26 - 39
  1. Karen Vasquez (1408) 2. Vafa Jasemi-Zergani (1997), 3. Jamine Andrade (1555)
5K M60 - 99
  1. Kenny Lin (1582) 2. Curt Rohrman (1895) 3. Graylin Guidry (1618)

Click the link to see photos: https://pixelstudio.passgallery.com/-navarroinsurance5krun

Alexander Deussen Park, Open Air Pavillion 12303 Sonnier St, Houston, TX 77044

  • Register for the event using the link above
  • Complete your 5K (3.1 miles) on your own. Run in a local park or on a treadmill.
  • Keep track of your time using a stopwatch or fitness tracker.
  • Submit your time between April 1 - April 30*
  • Receive your finisher's 5K shirt in the mail

*Late submissions will not be accepted

Local Walk/Run Trails

Search for a local trail in your area to complete your virtual 5K.

  1. Register using the link below
  2. Choose a volunteer job duty
  3. Arrive at Alexander Deussen Park on April 1st at 6:00am
Frequently Asked Questions

How much is registration for HC Employees & Retirees?

Registration is FREE for full-time HC Employees & Retirees covered under the Cigna medical plan

EMPLOYEES: Must enter your full name that is in the Harris County Payroll system AND your correct Employee ID number. Temporary, Part-time, or Contract employees do not qualify as Full-time, and will need to register as “HC Friends, Family, & Kids”.

RETIREES: Must enter your full name that is in the Harris County system AND your correct DOB (mmddyy).

Benefits & Wellness reserves the right to remove any registration that is not valid.

How long is a 5K?

5 Kilometers= 3.1 miles

Can I walk?

Absolutely! You can either walk or run.

Is there a pace requirement?

No, however please complete the in-person race by 10:30am so the kid’s can start their event.

What are wave times? And why do we have to select a wave?

The waves are start times. We ask that you arrive 30 minutes before your wave time begins so that you have plenty of time to park and check in.

Implementing different start times will assist with traffic control and reduce large crowds during the event.

Please arrive and participate at the wave time you select during registration.

When will I receive a shirt?

You must either submit a time virtually or complete the in-person race to earn a shirt.

Virtual participants who complete the 5K will be mailed a shirt to the address entered during registration, in May.

If you need to switch your shirt size, you may do so at anytime before you upload your final time or complete the in-person race.

What should I wear to complete the race?

If running outdoors, watch your local weather station for forecast. Wear comfortable athletic clothing and running shoes. Rain gear, sunscreen, bug spray, a hat/visor, sunglasses, personal hydration/nutrition is advised if necessary.

Be sure to wear a fitness tracker while running, or use an app on your phone to keep your time if you are running on your own.

Does the 5K qualify as a Healthy Actions Incentive?

Harris County Employees will not receive a monetary incentive for participating in the 5K.

What does the Kid's Dash consist of?

There will be two races based on age groups: Tiny Tots (ages 5 & under) Big Kids (ages 6-10)

The distance will be no longer than 1K, and will take place on the 5K course after the adults are finished.

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