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High-Tech Radiology

Save Money Using EviCore

Don't let your pain hurt your pockets!

We get it, sometimes you're in pain and need to get radiology to figure out what is going on. But, your pain doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg! Cigna Radiology Program is here to help you save money by working with eviCore healthcare to help ensure quality, cost-effective services are provided to customers for outpatient, nonemergency, high-tech radiology (MRI,CT scans, PET scans) and diagnostic cardiology.

Follow These Simple Steps To Save Money
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How to Get Pre-Certified

Pre-certification protects you from surprise bills. Learn how the process works to help keep money in your pocket.

Did You Know?

High-tech radiology can cost hundreds of dollars depending on where you go. eviCore offers free services to individuals covered under the Harris County Medical Plans, with pre-certification.

Find an eviCore Facility Near You!

Now that you are pre-certified, you are ready to find an eviCore facility and schedule your free radiology. Use this list to help you locate a facility in your area.