2022 Harris County Employee 5K

2022 Harris County Employee 5K

It's Time to Level Up!

It's that time again! In April 2022, Harris County is hosting the 8th annual Employee 5K. This year, you can compete in the race virtually or in-person! Yep, you read that correctly!

The in-person 5K is back, on April 2, 2022!

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Full-time Harris County Employees & Retirees
Friends/Family of Full-time Employees & Retirees

Choose How to Participate

  1. Register for the event using the link above.
  2. Choose a wave time and arrive at the time you select.
  3. Show up at Bear Creek Park on April 2, 2022 (map below)
  4. Complete your 5K (3.1 miles) at your scheduled time. You will receive a chip-timed bib and we will track your race time for you.
  5. Receive your finisher's 5K shirt at the finish line.
  6. Check your time online using this link:

Countdown to 5K at Bear Creek Park


Bear Creek Park 15015 Clay Rd, Houston, TX 77084 Pavilion 6

  1. Register for the event using the link above
  2. Complete your 5K (3.1 miles) on your own. Run in a local park or on a treadmill.
  3. Keep track of your time using a stopwatch or fitness tracker.
  4. Submit your time between April 1 - April 30*
  5. Receive your finisher's 5K shirt in the mail

*Late submissions will not be accepted

  1. Register using the link below
  2. Choose a volunteer job duty
  3. Arrive at Bear Creek Park on April 2nd at 6:30am
Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a 5K?

5 Kilometers= 3.1 miles

Can I walk?

Absolutely! You can either walk or run.

Is there a pace requirement?

No, you can take as long as you need to complete the full distance.

What are wave times? And why do we have to select a wave?

The waves are start times. We ask that you arrive 30 minutes before your wave time begins so that you have plenty of time to park and check in.

Implementing different start times will assist with traffic control and reduce large crowds during the event.

Please arrive and participate at the wave time you select during registration.

When will I receive a shirt?

You must either submit a time virtually or complete the in-person race to earn a shirt.

Finisher shirts will be mailed to your address entered during registration after you complete your 5K.

If you need to switch your shirt size, you may do so at anytime before you upload your final time or complete the in-person race.

What should I wear to complete the race?

If running outdoors, watch your local weather station for forecast. Wear comfortable athletic clothing and running shoes. Rain gear, sunscreen, bug spray, a hat/visor, sunglasses, personal hydration/nutrition is advised if necessary.

Be sure to wear a fitness tracker while running, or use an app on your phone to keep your time if you are running on your own.

How do I get credit for the Healthy Actions Medical Plan?

Harris County Employees will receive 50 points toward the 2023-2024 Healthy Actions Medical Plan by participating in the 5K.

In order to receive credit, you MUST enter your time on the link provided between April 1 – April 30th, or you must complete the in-person race on April 2. We are only able to award credit to those with finishing times. Late times will not be accepted.

*New Employees: If you are new and not benefits-eligible as of April 30, 2022, you will earn credit for participating; however, the credit will not post until you become benefits-eligible.